Lover. Dreamer. Hunter.

Home sweet home. Back to my beloved Bondi and the family, friends, yoga studios and beaches that I’ve missed so dearly.

Working for The Guardian in London was the experience of a lifetime and the decision to come home was a very hard one.

So often we take the paths that are expected of us, instead of what truly makes us happy. It is so important to experience as much of life as we can, so we know what makes us happiest.

A friend of mine recently described life as “a galaxy of experiences that makes us who we are.” Your galaxy might be made up of  living in different cities, wildly diverse career paths or going from a party girl to a yoga guru. I’ve learnt the importance of being fully alive in these moments and recognising when it’s time to move on.

I’ve always struggled with the idea of needing to fit into a certain stereotype. Ever since high school you are given labels based on your looks, your intelligence, your actions or even your friendship group. My life is wildly varied, from my friends,  to career choices and even my fitness routine- It doesn’t make me fickle, it just means I have a broad galaxy! There is no good or bad or new you or old you- there is only you.

Richard Gilpin says “embrace all parts of yourself with warm attention and interest; thus you will loosen emotional knots..” and for me, coming home helped me loosen the knots that divided what I thought I should do and what I really needed to live my best life.

Earlier this year my best friend was feeling a bit stuck after some health issues stalled her career. We had a really honest talk and I asked her what she wanted her life to look like in twelve months. Saying it out loud it helped her to realise the options she had and we worked backwards to see how she could achieve it. She’s now studying a course that encompasses all the things that she loves and works around her new lifestyle.

Ultimately all paths lead us to exactly where we are meant to be. Right now, I am more content than I’ve ever been. In my home by the beach, surrounded by love. I have created the space to wholeheartedly pursue the things that excite me, to make myself and my development a priority, instead of something I fit in around the expectations of others.

The lesson is to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself the question and have the courage to listen to the answer.





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