Yoga in London: Finding my Om

Moving to the other side of the world is stressful. New surroundings, people, work struggles, lifestyle balance. The only place that really feels like home is my yoga mat. The calm amongst the chaos.

What makes a good yoga studio? A serene space. Interesting classes. Cool teachers. Here are some of my favourites so far.

The Life Centre:

Location: Islington and Notting Hill

Style: Jivamukti spiritual warrior. I’ve tried so many new styles of yoga since moving to London but Jivamukti is the class where I’ve felt the most connected to my spirituality. The combination of meditation, chanting, asana and pranayama will leave you walking on air.

Teacher: Michael James Wong. I met Michael through Wanderlust festival in Australia and New Zealand. He is the founder of Boys of Yoga and I cannot recommend his classes highly enough. Fun, creative and challenging, it’s easy to see why he is in such demand all around the world.

I love: The yogi lounge and chilled atmosphere. Walking into The Life Centre feels like home. It’s a beautiful and grounding space. I never want to leave.


Yoga Haven

Location: Islington

Style: Rocket Yoga. Wow. Again, another new style for me in London. It focuses on strength, inversions and core work.

Teacher: Leon London. He’ll challenge you and make you laugh. Yoga is about being playful. Leon gets that.

I love: The mirrors. I haven’t practised with mirrors since my Bikram Yoga days. It is confronting but it improves alignment and allows you to connect with yourself.



Location: Clapton

Style: Dynamic Vinyasa

Teacher: Ude. Another of the Boys of Yoga crew. His background is in break dancing and Thai yoga massage which is reflected in his strong flow style and helpful adjustments.

I love: The studio has a range of exercise classes, so you can have one membership for all your fitness needs. And the café at reception does a delicious almond milk latte.


Float Spa

Location: Brighton

Style: Vinyasa flow

Teacher: Jojo. I know this gorgeous girl from my Melbourne days. She is hosting an Open Your Heart workshop next week. We can all learn a lot from this beautiful soul.

I love: It reminds me of home, being close to the beach and it’s a spa as well so you can indulge in wellness with a float tank, massage or just relax and enjoy a refreshing cucumber water after class.



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