2017 Wellness Trend Predictions

From superfoods to sport luxe, each year we see new exercise, fashion and diet trends come and go… Using a combination of wits and wishful thinking, here are my predictions for 2017. 

Beetroot lattes. Move over matcha, the root vegetable is here to stay. I’m definitely not a fan of this latest wellness concoction but it’s a new thing in London and I daresay by winter they’ll be appearing in Aussie whole food cafes. Not one for me… the beetroot ‘superfood’ is the only health trend bandwagon I flatly refused to jump on. I’ll leave the beetroot lattes for the really hardcore detoxers to embrace.

Spin classes. Yes, I think spin is back. The cool kids love all things retro and I think spin classes are starting to creep back in, kind of like flared jeans tried to do in fashion. Soul Cycle is onto something here – Spin is like Zumba on wheels.

Cashew milk. This nut milk is much creamier than almond milk and I’ve come across lots of delicious homemade varieties. All the vegan yogi’s in Brighton are raving about it. In 2017 I think it will move out of only the most hipster of hipster cafés and onto supermarket shelves.

Bomber jackets. Ok ok, I know they’ve been in fashion since Deon Lee’s 2014 collection. But now they are officially an athleisure staple. Note, ‘Activewear’ and ‘Sporteluxe’ are now obsolete, it’s all about athleisure. (Which is the same thing but with a sexy casual twist). On my wish list is the The UPSIDE Sport Koa Bomber.

Soup. We’ve been bone brothed to death (almost literally if you recall Pete Evan’s lethal recipe) and it’s time to call bullshit. We all know that ‘health broth’ just means soup. Bring back the hearty soup as we remember it before online health gurus stole it from us.

Leg warmers. This one is probably wishful thinking on my part. In my defence, it’s really cold in London and I just re-watched the original FAME movie. Excuse me while I start dancing across my living room.



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