5 cool healthy things I discovered in London this week


I’m starting to navigate my way around life in London and am learning some hacks for staying healthy and motivated in the big city. Aside from finding yoga studios and health food stores, I’ve also picked up some other useful Londony things to make life a little more wholesome.

Here’s what I’ve learned this week:

The tube is ALWAYS broken or on strike, so you get lots of extra exercise when you have to walk everywhere. My step count was particularly good on Monday when I discovered that a Tube strike had cancelled all trains. This meant walking an hour each way, after I’d already been for a 5km morning run. Some people might be annoyed by this, but it’s a much better way to keep fit and see new places.*

Farm Drop delivers fresh, organic produce to your door. You can check out the companies and farms that each item from your grocery list comes from. A more informed and convenient way to shop. I also found that a lot of the supermarket produce I’d bought didn’t seem as fresh as I was used to. This system cuts out the middle man so you know your greens haven’t been wilting on a shelf.

Iyengar yoga is a very precise style of Hatha yoga created by the renowned BKS Iyengar (you’ll probably recognise the name from Instagramed yoga quotes or from his book Light on Yoga). I tried a class at Yoga Point in Brixton and was curious to know more about this foundation style. After a little research, I discovered that this Saturday 14th January is London’s National Iyengar Yoga Day.

In the UK they call zucchini’s ‘courgette’ and eggplant is ‘aubergine’. Very important information. Especially for a vegetarian who avoided the courgette pasta because “I don’t eat fish.” Hmm… turns out it’s not a fish after all.

My new favourite running attire is by a UK brand called Karrimor. My Bondi shorts and crop are a little obsolete in -2 degree weather so I needed a suitable upgrade. Karrimor do warm running tights and windproof styles that are designed to be breathable but keep you from feeling exposed to the elements. Perfect for morning runs in a misty park, high intensity gym sessions or long walks to the office when your train has been cancelled.

*To be taken as sarcastically or as literally as you like.

I: @jadehunter56

T: @JadeHunter_


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