London living

So here I am, living in London. How did that happen? Last year I’d had a vague 5 year plan to spend time working in London and to find the man of my dreams. And nail a yoga handstand of course. Life goals. And now 4 months later, thanks to a combination of hard work and fate, here I am.

Sydney will always be my soul home, I love the chai in Surry Hills, Bondi yoga and being close to the wild ocean (especially for good Insta pics). But it’s time to explore a new city and stretch my wings.

I’ve been busy navigating jet lag, house hunting and settling into a busy new job at one of the world’s most renowned newspapers. All this chaos has made me even more determined to try and keep a healthy balance. I’ve been getting by with  morning runs in London’s picturesque parks, restorative yoga and eating lots of greens. Also some red wine. But just a bit! Most importantly I have been resting lots and choosing a sleep in when my body lets me know that’s what I need.

I sadly won’t have enough time to continue my work as Lifestyle editor for Holistchic so it seems like a good time to bring Jade’s Life back to life.

I spent my first winter Christmas in France and now it’s time to explore more of London for the most important stuff. Like yoga and brunch. Stay tuned.








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