The Lighter side of yoga


Calling all yogis. There is a new trend in town: forget Hatha or Bikram or Anti gravity… This year it’s all about Yoga(ish).

New Zealand comedian and yoga guru, Coriander (you can call her Randi for short!) brings this no-holds barred yoga style to Newtown for the Sydney Fringe Festival. 

Yoga teachers are often thought to be a reserved lot but Randi blows this stereotype out of the park by shimming onto center stage to the Spice Girls with her dancing yoga routine. The audience of yoga enthusiasts, armed with wine instead of green juice, were on notice: this wasn’t going to be the usual evening of chakras and bow pose.

Coriander’s Yoga(ish) Show is described as a fusion of clown comedy and yoga, and writer/performer/trained yoga instructor Jess Brien graduated from both National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art and Canada’s Francine Cote’s Clown and Comedy School. 

But back to Randi: throughout the performance, she crashed through yoga taboos such as insecurity, healthy eating, chakras, jealousy and yes, even the farting thing.  And so a few things you’ll need to know before practicing Yoga(ish)

– The first thing that you’ll need to practice Yoga(ish) is a new spice name. Patrick from Urban Yoga was aptly renamed Cumin.

– Getting into the head of the animal for each pose is also a vital Yoga(ish) principle. To demonstrate this, several audience members (aka Paprika, Basil, Cumin and Sporty Spice) were enthusiastically rendered into a colourful cat and cow sequence with accompanying mooing and meowing.

– Saying the Sanskrit names can be hard but it’s ok if you don’t get it right.

-To present the poses correctly, they need to be blessed with skipping and party poppers for adequate effect.

– Butterfly pose will activate your throat chakra, which may lead to spontaneous confessions. But this is okay too, (whether you’ve stolen a lollie pop or fallen in love with an audience member, there is no judgement in Yoga(ish)).

The show was everything we loved about the satirical Awaken with JP videos, with added colour, pizazz and dancing. After an hour spent laughing at Randi and ourselves, it is clear that the most important thing Coriander’s Yoga(ish) Show teaches us about yoga is to not take it too seriously.  


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