5 reasons you should run…


Even if running isn’t your ‘thing’ there is no denying that it is great for fitness and overall health. You can burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. Running is free; there are no fancy gimmicks or 12 months contracts. All you need to do is roll out of bed each day and make a promise to yourself. You aren’t restricted by timetables or classes, even when it’s cold and raining (well, a little bit) you can still get out there.


There is something very special about finding your rhythm through running. You connect with your breath and body and can get lost in your thoughts for as long as you like. Being on foot you notice more about the environment, you can tune in to the sounds of nature or listen to the city beat. Once you discover a love for running there will be no stopping you.

There is something chasing you

In the cave man days humans had predators and our legs were the only way to escape. As many a paleo diet book states, we no longer have saber-toothed tigers to contend with… but there are other things that could make us run. I have a friend who is deathly afraid of cats for example (I’m looking at you, Mel). I’ve often been witness to her mad dash out of a catty room. Those days in the playground, when there were boys and cooties and germ locks… That was an important reason to run.

There is pizza at the finish line

Back to the paleo theory- we used to have to run for our food. To be honest, if I was transported back to those times I think I’d be more of a berry picker. But there is a lot to be said for a reward at the end of a run. Whether it’s pizza or the pub, we can usually find incentive to go the extra mile for our favourite treats!


My running for love journey began when I signed up as Team Champion for Fight Cancer Foundation. I found purpose by pounding the pavement for a good cause. As people showed their support it increased my sense of drive and made me even more proud to get across that finish line. There is no other feeling like it. Support the fight against cancer and join me in running for TEAM Fight Cancer in the City2Surf next week.

Visit City2Surf.com.au to register. To join the fight against cancer make sure you select Fight Cancer Foundation as your charity of choice.

2 thoughts on “5 reasons you should run…

  1. Love those reasons. Definitely agree with all of those points! Especially the Fitness, Pizza and Love part;-) I once read a quote which says: Run like Channing Tatum (or insert someone else) is waiting at the finish line. I totally loved that, it made me laugh and also think about running that extra mile or picking up the pace;-) Great post though!


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