Balance & Gratitude

This year has been my most challenging yet. My New Years resolution was to find balance but I had no idea how unbalanced I’d have to feel to make it to the other side.
In yoga, my teacher says that when you wobble or fall it means that’s your edge and it’s where the growth happens… If you don’t explore the instability then you’ll never know how beautifully your body can really move.
Looking back on 2016 so far feels like I was on the edge of a balancing pose in yoga… I wobbled and tested how far I could go until I fell. But as I picked myself back up from each emotional challenge I learned a little more. I was growing stronger, even when I felt low.
I wanted to find my balance this year but instead I found something so much more precious.
It’s that moment you sit on your mat quietly and realise that THIS is yoga. It’s not getting up into the highest dancers pose or pulling your head to your toes.
It’s the quiet moments in between.
Feeling present in
the room.
Noticing your breath.
Acknowledging the energy and effort of those around you.
The mat that supports you and catches you when you fall.
It’s the absolute beauty and gratitude that you are there in that moment, breathing and feeling.
I have learned to stop looking for the faults in my life (and my asanas). To see the love in everything and realise that I truly already have everything I need.
I live in a beautiful place, I can explore nature or sit quietly and appreciate a perfectly brewed cup of tea.
My family and friends have so much kindness in their hearts, I feel truly blessed to have such a network of positive energy. No matter what distance separates us, I can feel their love surround me.
I went to my edge this year and realised that the key to finding balance was love all along.

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