Running reflections and gratitude

Just one sleep until the Summer Starter! (still 55 until Christmas) Tomorrow I’m running the 10k at Sydney Olympic Park as Team Champion for Fight Cancer Foundation and as a Body Pass Ambassador.FullSizeRender (14)

Running for these two brands really means a lot to me and represents so much more than just a run. My work with Fight Cancer Foundation supports the memory and love for my Poppie Joe who lost his battle with cancer last year. I am so honored to help promote all the amazing work that FCF does to help support patients and their families during incredibly tough times.

My active lifestyle is a part of who I am. I’ve come a long way since my Melbourne party girl days and have never felt more on purpose. Swapping vodka for coconut water and the dance floor for a yoga studio helped me feel comfortable in my own skin and build a career I can be proud of and passionate about. Body Pass is the perfect partner for an active lifestyle, fun exercise that is diverse and fits your schedule. I always try new things, take on new challenges and actively support causes that are close to my heart.

A big tFullSizeRender (13)hank you to Fight Cancer Foundation for all their work they do and for sharing my story. Also to Body Pass for giving me the opportunity to keep fit and write about so many active adventures and classes!

I have such a great support network around me. My partner CJ puts up with me (not so quietly) sneaking out at 5am for training runs and fitness classes and being completely zoned out when I’m writing. I’m pretty sure he’s been chatting to himself as I’m writing this. Having likeminded friends plays a vital part in health and happiness. I have found a soul sister in my friend and fellow Body Pass ambassador Olivia Arezzollo . We have shared many café blogging dates and can talk nutrition and health for hours! I’d like to thank Olivia for showing her support for FCF and my work. Tomorrow I’ll be running with the best training buddy a girl could ask for, Linda Nguyen will be with me every step of the way. Linda is all about wholesome living and keeping positive and I cannot thank her enough for joining me on my active journey!

I didn’t intend for this to be a gratitude post but am very glad it turned out that way. Sometimes it’s good to stop and FullSizeRender (12)recognise everything we have to be thankful for.

My top 3 tips as I prepare for tomorrow are:

Have an early night! Sleep is so important.

Fuel your body with nutrient dense foods.

Trust in your body and training.

Most importantly, to everyone taking on a challenge whether it’s something active like the Summer Starter or a personal trial, remember to embrace the positives and make it something worth fighting for.

Love Jade


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