Future Sound of Yoga

FullSizeRender (5)My first Future Sound of Yoga event was like stepping into a hidden world, an intoxicating blend of zen and bass.

Beautiful architecture, ambient lighting and a rhythmic beat created a sense of serenity and anticipation upon entering the church in Paddington. As the room filled up it became apparent that we were in for a very special evening.

The key to successful yoga events is to keep it simple enough to not overwhelm beginners, but also hold the attention of seasoned yogis. Through their years of working together and developing the Future Sound of Yoga events, Angel and Solon have perfected this balance.

Solons music was powerful enough to energise the movement without overwhelming the natural flow. He worked flawlessly to connect the room and keep the energy moving and dancing. Angel used elements of progressive dance combined with traditional poses and let the group move through each flow in their own time. It nice to work through each movement, with space in the timing to find your feet and move to the rhythm.

FullSizeRender (6)

A sun salutation later in the piece generated real heat and the sequences were achievable for all levels, including advanced options for those who decided to take them.

The connection of yoga was used to unite new friends and bring the room together. In a clever twist, tree pose was heightened with strength of small groups to perfect the balance. Transitioning into warrior three whilst connected to others generated a unique power through the posture.

Relaxing into savasana became hypnotic with the melodic sounds wrapping around the room, creating a deep meditation experience to round off the evening.

It’s easy to see why these events sell out so quickly. It made for a truly powerful yoga experience!

To find out more about FSOY check out my chat with Angel for Holistchic.


Love Jade


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