Summer Health Swaps

Sydney has turned up the heat, giving us a taste of summer in spring! As much as I love the vitamin D boost, the warmer weather sometimes means a change of weekend wellness plans (that usual hot yoga class might be a bit much!!). Here’s some ideas to help you keep your cool.

Healthy Iced CoffeePicture 123

Curling up with a warm cuppa is my favourite start to a chilly weekend… but a hot drink on a warm morning can overheat your body and make it harder to get motivated. If you still need your caffeine, then iced coffee is your answer.

2 cups Almond milk

1/4-cup cold black coffee (I use plunger coffee but instant works too, just make up and refrigerate the night before)

1 cup ice cubes

1-teaspoon rice malt syrup (optional)

Crush ice in a food processor and gradually add the coffee to infuse.

(For a sweet treat, stir in the rice malt syrup to the hot coffee before refrigerating.)

Add your milk of choice (I prefer unsweetened almond but coconut milk is extra delicious too) and blend until smooth.

The amount of milk may change, depending on how thick you like your iced coffee.

Serve and enjoy!

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Yes this is actually a thing! Not quite as graceful (in my case anyway) as Vinyasa yoga but a mucroatan-sunseth cooler option than Bikram during the warmer months!

As a devout yogi, I’ve tried them all – aerial, hatha, Bikram, power flow and even hip hop – basically anything I can get my limbs around. But this is a whole new level. SUP Yoga is fun, requires concentration and gives you a killer core workout. Plus, floating along on the water gives you an extra sense of tranquility.

It can be done in a bay or lake, and it’s becoming more popular so you should be able to find a class that is close by. Although it isn’t an option for all year round fitness (unless you adorn a stylish wetsuit of course), it will boost your energy, balance and coordination, as well as leaving you smiling for hours!

Enjoy the sunshine and keep feeling happy and healthy!

Love Jade


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