Set your body free with Body Pass


The key to maintaining a fitness plan is to mix it up and keep it fun. I’m never content sticking the same old routine (treadmills bore me to tears) and need a balance of cardio, weights, high intensity and stretching to keep my body energized and functioning at it’s peak.

Australia’s love affair with healthy living has seen us with more exercise options than ever… Like a kid in an (organic) candy store, I want to try it all! I can never choose if I want to be a badass boxer or chilled out yogi; some days I feel like high intensity challenges and others I crave a light filled Pilates studio.

The problem with all these choices is how exxy it is to maintain memberships to different studios and gyms. This is where Body Pass comes in. This ingenious system gives you access to a range of different studios with one membership.

Thanks to my good friend, personal trainer, model and health writer Olivia Arezzolo I’ve recently come on board as a Body Pass ambassador and have never been so motiavted to exercise! Fitness is always more fun with friends! Olivia loves Body Pass as much as I do

“It is a great way to try luxe fitness activities that I therwise wouldn’t have access to, and a fun way to get out and do something different with my girlfriends.” she says. IMG_7402

This week I was at Aria Pilates in Paddington for an invigorating Barre class. There is something about morning exercise that sets you up for an amazing day and the vibe of the studio was so friendly. There were several other Body Passers there and we were united in the renewed passion for exercise that it creates. No more dull old treadmill routine!

A truly healthy lifestyle is all about listening to your body. Some days I can’t face up to a heavy weights session and other times those downwards dogs just don’t cut it. The convenience of having so many class and location options means that I can indulge in keeping active any way I like, and match my workout to my mood.

So perhaps it’s time to try something new and to set your body (and your bank account) free from locked in gym contracts and inflexible yoga studio memberships. Sign up for your free 7 day trial today!

This week on my fitness agenda is aerial yoga at Sky- Lab in Surry Hills (that floating feeling) and Muay Thai at 8 Limbs in Bondi Junction (total badass!)

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