Need a style that’s as flexible as you are ? Sports luxe is your new BFF. This relaxed trend is fast becoming a fashion classic because it’s easily tweaked to suit a jam-packed diary of commitments. As a busy lifestyle writer and brand ambassador, my days range from corporate meetings to yoga classes so sports luxe is my go-to style. And to prove just how versatile this look can be, I put it to the test one busy Saturday with the help of new ‘fashion meets sports’ label HUNTR. Here’s how it stacks up to my own daily grind…


My Saturday sleep in! My typical morning routine is to spend some time dwelling over a cup of tea and checking emails before going out to walk the dog. This usually means feeling like a complete dork in my trakkies as I debate internally if I can get away with my comfy outfit in public or not (since I live in beautiful Bondi, the answer is usually no.)

This time though, I slip on the HUNTR white track crop top and the brand’s signature leather look-panelled tights for my morning cuppa. The high neck of the top makes me feel cosy as I wrap around a cup of tea and get some writing done. Designer Emily Highfield tells me that the HUNTR tights are their best seller and I can see why: they feel great to wear and when teamed with black Nikes, are more than acceptable to head out the door. It’s certainly a step up from my usual dog walking attire!



Weekend yoga class is my time to unwind. I swap the track crop top for a black singlet and grab my yoga mat. With body-contouring seams, the leggings are designed to flow with movement and I don’t feel too hot wearing them during the class. The crowd at my Bondi yoga studio is decked out in the latest designer fitness threads but the sleek HUNTR monochrome style holds its own.

11:30 BRUNCH 

HUNTR’s designer, Emily Highfield, tells me the activewear line is designed for women who are motivated by style, so I figure it’ll make the transition from yoga to a brunch date with ease. After I slip back into the white track crop all I need is a quick spritz of perfume, some bronzer and a pair of neutral ballet flats to make this look café-worthy.

The girls LOVE the HUNTR gear, declaring it “clean cut” and a “great blend of gym wear and professional.” Emily says that although their product is meant for exercise, it’s specifically designed to look stylish, rather than sporty. With my black oversized tote I’ve nailed the contemporary weekend look; relaxed and stylish with minimal effort.


I’m meeting the photographer to discuss some shots for an article today. My everyday work wardrobe consists of blazers, leggings and the constant struggle between Nikes or high heels. This relaxed meeting is covered with HUNTR: I simply dress up my tights with a black blazer and ankle boots. This look makes me feel confident and comfortable and with my glasses on I am ready to talk business.



The final challenge is to see if I can actually take this look out in the evening. I swap my trusty tights for a pencil skirt and pair of strappy heels and team it with the track crop top. The wave pattern of the top adds some edge, without looking fussy.

I just need a touch of lipstick (okay, and mascara, eyeliner and bronzer too!) Then armed with a matching black and white clutch I literally let my hair down and am ready to hit the town. A quick double take assures me that I have actually pulled this off! Get the basics right and you can easily take sports luxe from protein shakes to cocktail hour.

Visit HUNTR the label online here. 

Photography by Kay Sukumar.

This post first appeared on Holistchic


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