Fit Tech Review- Body Wise App

This week I’m roadtesting thGetting fit with Nike+ - Advice from Laura Dundovice latest health tracker designed to fit your lifestyle..

I have all the usual apps and diaries to journal my fitness but after filming an ad for Body Wise App I realised I could easily track all my data in one place.  Now they’ve released their latest addition and I’ve been asked to put it to the test!
I’m back on the Body Wise bandwagon to determine how much of a difference this App can make to your routine.

With healthy living there is no concrete rule to find and follow forever; it’s about adjusting to your lifestyle and flowing with the changes. I’m constantly buying different herbs and vitamins or I’ll have 3 fitness plans rolling at once. Some weeks I’m caffeine free and others I’m using it to boost my workouts (or drag me out of bed). This is great to prevent plateauing but it can be hard to record! This is where Body Wise comes in. It syncs to your Fitbit, Jawbone or iPhone Health tracker for lifestyle data and you can add your exercise and diet as you go. Often, basic step counting and calorie tracking don’t give you an accurate assessment of overall fitness and nutrition. For me, there is so much more to my health.0a86a-photo281729
The app gets a tick for being easy to use- it is pretty idiot proof (which, if you’ve read my other tech reviews, you’ll know that I need!) the layout is functional and once synced to your device most of the data is collected for you! To keep you motivated, gaining body force points will reflect how healthy your day has been. I love a challenge so having healthy days to hit the next level really keeps me on track.

The device it’s uploading from supports the accuracy of the data. Although the only problem I’ve had is that, as a vegetarian, the diet selections don’t align with my main nutrient groups. The idea of Body Wise is to simplify health, but I like to have a deeper knowledge of what is going on with my body so prefer the macronutrient breakdown. You can select what you track, so I have the details that are relevant to me and use the protein measurement instead of the meat counter to determine my daily stats.

HomeI still use my Nike running app and Zova for my workouts and the beauty of Body Wise is that it syncs with other apps to record data, so you can log it all in one place.

If you use Body Wise properly it will help you see patterns in your health habits. For me, it was my snacking when I got home from work. (In the words of Laura Dundovic, “if I’m not prepared I’ll eat the whole cupboard”) Once I recognised this pattern in the app I tried having celery cut up and ready to snack on, to prevent me reaching for unhealthy muesli bars or my dark chocolate stash!

My main tip for making Body Wise work for you is to set aside some time to explore the app. I uploaded it and then each day started finding new features, so would have benefited from that knowledge from the beginning. My favourite feature is the workout calendar, especially as I have several different trainers and coaches, it allows me to see how my overall routine is working so I can make sure I’m being consistent and having enough rest days.

Co- founder Mike Halligan says “we built Body Wise as a simple but powerful way to keep your healthier lifestyle on track. We all dip every now and then but BodyWise will make sure that it’s a one day dip and not a three week break.”

The verdict: If you’re interested in health and overall wellness then it’s worth using a tracker such as Body Wise. If you’re IMG_5935starting your fitness journey then it is an easy way to work out your balance and make minor tweaks to boost your routine.

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Love Jade


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