Paying it forward

IMG_6540Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and embracing challenges is something I believe strongly in, and I have so much admiration for people who strive to achieve their goals. A recent Facebook post about my upcoming Blackmores Half Marathon generated a great response from friends and followers. As a fitness ambassador, I wanted to have an extra challenge to create a personal goal and also show others that it’s not as scary as it sounds! After this post, Benji from Rebel Sport in Melbourne reached out to support my plight and offered to donate some new runners for the event.

IMG_6603I was so excited when my Mizunos turned up; I’d had my eye on this brand for a while and wanted to see what the hype was about.  They wear like a dream and have spurred me on to train harder. I’d also like to thank compression wear label STRYDA who sent me some new tights to help amp up my running routine. I felt like a new woman on my first training run in my new kit. My run around Watsons Bay in Sydney felt like a dream, the scenery was beautiful and I was spurred on, determined to earn the right to my new gear. I feel so grateful that people support my endevours and work to promote the healthy lifestyle.

FullSizeRender (3)I have decided to pay this kindness forward to somebody else who has an upcoming fitness challenge, someone who really inspires me. Alice Verrall is bike riding and hiking in National Parks and on Rail Trails throughout Australia. Alice has cerebral palsy but it does not stop her chasing her dreams. Along with her assistance dog Kooper and her Cro Mo Magnum trike (which she has dubbed Freedom) she will be completing these challenges while on university holidays. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) at Latrobe University. Alice is such an inspiration to me, she says “I want to show people that anyone especially disabled people can do whatever they set their mind to.” She wants to see the different natural environments that Australia has to offer and to also raise as much money as possible to say thank you to Assistance Dogs Australia for giving her Kooper. I’ll be donating the equivalent cost of my runners and tights to help Alice’s journey.

Wishing Alice lots of luck on her adventures- You can follow her travels via her Facebook page and show your support on her fundraising site.IMG_6648

How can you pay it forward to create good karma?

Tweet @JadeHunter_ or comment to share how you’re supporting worthy causes and helping others achieve their dreams.

Love Jade


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