Say goodbye to sweaty, damaged gym hair with these pro tips!

Melbourne Hair Blogger is a place for people to go and find anything from the best salons in Melbourne (especiallyIMG_6278 hidden gems tucked away in a quiet suburb), finding hair inspirations for your next salon visit and we also showcase the BEST products on the market for style and hair care.

I speak to founder Nicole Healy to give you the low down on healthy hair for fitness junkies. We talk active hair hacks (sweat + dry shampoo tangles- the struggle is real) and the latest fit hair fash.

You’ve been so busy with the launch of Melbourne Hair Blogger, how do you find the time to exercise?

At the moment, it’s hard to find the time, and Melbourne in winter is so cold! (Terrible excuse I know!) I still make sure I walk my dog every day and there is a gym near my house that I use for cardio when it’s raining. I’ll warm up with the spin bike or treadmill followed by around 30 mins of light weights and core work. When things settle down a bit I’m looking forward to working pilates and yoga classes into my routine.

Rumour has it that it’s not good for your hair to wash it every day… How can we keep it presentable and fresh after a workout without washing every time?

How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type and how hard you have worked at the gym. After a light workout you can get away with a bit of dry shampoo (I recommend Eleven Australia – Give me Clean Hair RRP $22.95).  If you have fine hair, sometimes you will have to wash it for it to be full of volume again, but if you’re someone like myself with thick hair, I can get away with washing it once or twice a week without the use of dry shampoo.

Another great tip for after the gym is to absorb as much of the sweat as you can with a towel then use the hairdryer in the change room on a low, cool setting to dry off the excess and freshen up your scalp. Avoid hot air as it will make you sweat more.

For the recent City2Surf I used some hairspray to prevent flyaways annoying me during the run- you can imagine the knotty windswept mess I had to deal with after 14kms! Do you have any pre exercise hair tips to prevent the sweat-fro?

Hairspray can become really sticky and make your hair more knotted after exercising, my tip is use a sweat band, not only will this keep the hair from going in your face, it will help to absorb the moisture in your scalp!

(At least I know to be prepared for my upcoming Blackmores Half Marathon-Thanks Nicole!)

This year at Nike +TC Tour they were rocking the double braid style, is this the new fitness hair trend?

YES! I am loving this look so much at the moment, its very cool, especially on the weekends when you can get away with wearing it and it still looks uber cool for when you hit your favourite cafe for a coffee after you workout! Its street fighter meets glam!

What other styles can we use to mix up the Getting fit with Nike+ - Advice from Laura Dundoviccliché workout pony tail?

I always wear my hair up in a low bun when I work out, that way it keeps my blowdry looking fresh without leaving indentation marks from my hair elastic!

So Bikram yoga is great for our bodies (and mind) but the heavy duty sweat sesh can wreak havoc with our bangs! What remedies do you suggest to bring our ends back to life?

Always give your hair a good brush with a treatment to smooth it out and make it feel soft.  I love using Eleven Australia – Miracle Hair Treatment (RRP $24.95) One pump of this into your hair will have your ends feel good as new (and healthy) in no time!FullSizeRender (1)

Do you prefer to use natural/ organic products for hair?

Absolutely. When I have the option, I always like to keep products as natural as possible, but also  a professional quality. Kevin Murphy is a favourite range of mine, not only are they environmentally friendly, its also sulphate and paraben and cruelty free!

Are there supplements/ vitamins we can add to boost hair health?

This product I swear by, Fusion Health Hair Tonic (rrp $27.95 found at most health food stores)

The main ingredient is Phytofol which is used to promote healthy hair, Fusion Hair Tonic helps with people with thinning hair and helps to strengthen andre active the hair follicles to make it thicker and healthier.

FullSizeRender (2)What hair essentials should we pack if we’re hitting that spin class before work?

Dry Shampoo, Sweat Band, Water, Hairdryer and Straightener (if your gym doesn’t supply one)

What’s your ultimate hair hack tip to make our lives easier?

Always brush your hair well before you wash it, this will save time combing your knots out later… and always comb your conditioner through your mid lengths and ends.

It’s not easy juggling our busy lives and still managing to pull of flawless hair… Thanks for the help Nicole! For more great hair inspiration and advice check out @MelbourneHairBlogger on Insta.

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