How I’m Fighting Against Cancer: Running For Love

Well since my shoulder injury I have been doing minimal training and focusing on mindful movement to heal as quickly as possible. My physio gave me the ok to run and do tailored workouts around my shoulder. The running suits me just fine as I’m currently in training for City2Surf. It’s my first year in Sydney so I feel like it’s a rite of passage to tackle this 14.3km ‘fun’ run.


I’m proud to announce that I will be running as TEAM Champion for the Fight Cancer Foundation – a cause that’s very close to my heart as I lost my beloved grandfather last year to cancer.

My partnership with Fight Cancer Foundation has given me the courage to share the beautiful memory of my grandfather, Joseph Hunter. Most of my life ends up on this blog, for better or worse (just ask my poor boyfriend) because I am a pretty open book for my readers and followers. What you see is what you get. However, the pain of losing my grandfather isn’t something I shared on social media. It was too personal and I hadn’t felt ready to mourn the loss of somebody I held so close to my heart.

He taught me so much; he was an ideas man, a traveller and an innovator. He built his company up with sheer determination and instilled an amazing work ethic in all of his children and grandchildren. In an interview with UK publication Ameenio they asked me what my proudest moment was. I told them it was the phone call I received when my grandfather discovered my blog (I’d never bothered explaining it to them before, you know what old folk can be like!). My auntie had shown Pop my blog on the computer and he was so proud reading about all my adventures and work that he spent hours going back through to read every single post. The pride in his voice over the phone will be with me for the rest of my life. He is the reason I keep aiming so high with my career and strive to achieve more. It is because of his unwavering support that I began to be proud of myself. My move to Sydney and new job at the Guardian was daunting but it was Pop’s voice that made me never look back. Even though he is gone, I carry his memory in my heart every day.

My beloved Poppie Joe
My beloved Poppie Joe

We are a large and close family, so the 9 month battle between diagnosis and him passing took a huge toll on all members of the family but we made sure Pop felt surrounded by love for every minute of it. Each taking it in turn to visit him during his hospital stays, for hours until nurses kicked us out. We all gathered in the family home during his final days, to support each other and let him know how much he meant to us all. This time we spent together was so precious and accommodation services Fight Cancer Foundation can provide is invaluable to families during a cancer battle.

Cancer is a vicious beast and I was shaken to the core to witness the deterioration of my beloved Pop. This is why it is so important to invest in vital research as Fight Cancer Foundation seek better treatment methods and ultimately a cure.

It is a privilege to be asked to lead TEAM Fight Cancer at active events in Sydney and I am proud to do it in the memory of my grandfather.

Established in 1989 Fight Cancer Foundation provides low cost, high quaFullSizeRender(1)lity accommodation centres close to major treating hospitals to alleviate the stress and financial burden for patients and their families who need to travel long distances for treatment. Fight Cancer Foundation also provides education support programmes for children and young people battling cancer, and continues to fund vital medical research seeking to discover better cancer treatment methods and cures. Go to for more information about Fight Cancer Foundation’s programs and join TEAM Fight Cancer to support their mission of giving hope and saving lives.

Don’t forget to follow my training journey as I prepare for this year’s City2Surf and join me on the TEAM!



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