Ready, Set, Squat

Squat this, squat that… 

We’ve all seen enough booty memes to know that squats are meant to be good for us. But what exactly are the benefits of this butt busting move? How and why do we do it and what are some variations to keep the squat working for you?

Some great benefits of SQUATS include…
  • Tones hips, butt, abs & thighs
  • Increases flexibility
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increases core strength
  • Improves Stability and Balance

If you’re still not convinced then here are some other reasons that squats are an IDEAL workout!
  • You can do them ANYWHERE!
  • No equipment needed
  • Easy to measure your progress
  • So many variations- so you won’t get bored!
Doing squats is especially convenient if you’re in an office job and don’t get to move much during the day and great for busy mums, you can bust out a few reps in between clients, reports, chores or feeding times!
They are my go to exercise when I’m having a really busy day. I’ve been known to kick my shoes off and do them at my desk!
Monique de Dios of Dizzy Fitness recommends squats for any level of fitness. “It’s important to build strength in your legs for day to day life. A healthy body has strong legs! It’s also a great way to burn calories, boost your metabolism and have more muscle mass which means you can consume more calories in the day.”
Monique tells us how to mix up your squats…

“Start by getting the right form for body weight squats first, then you can add weight when you feel comfortable. 
You can turn the squat into a cardio workout by doing jumping squats, box jump and frog jumps (traveling jumping squats). Pulse squats are a great way to really feel the burn!
To target your quads try front squats where you use the weight in front of you. And sumo squats with a wider stance will work the inner thighs.” 
Her main tip for this all round exercise is to remember your form-
“Make sure you get the full range of motion on the exercise, go deep enough and don’t let your toes track over your knees. The best way to think of the right form is “pushing your booty back” like you’re about to sit down.”
For those who aren’t sure about the correct form for a squat then here is a short video I found to help out newbies.
For Moniques meal plans and programs check out

For more great health inspiration check out her Facebook and Instagram


Remember to mix up your workouts and find what works for you! I’m all about easy exercises that fit your lifestyle!
Love JH 

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