Fall in Love with Fitness

When people initially hear that I workout twice a day their reaction is usually “you’re crazy” but the question that often follows is “how do you find the time?”

It’s all about priorities. I recently explained it to a friend as the feeling of having a new crush.
Think of exercise like dating. Potential dates usually fall into two categories.
There is that person you like and you know they’d be a good match but somehow whenever they want to meet for dinner or drinks you’re too tired or something else comes up. We’ve all been here. You see a text message and intend to reply later but then completely forget? Even if you do like them, sometimes life is too busy and other things take priority. 

But there is always that person whose messages put a big smile on your face. No matter what you’re doing you drop everything to reply. Free for a drink? Of course! Even if it means juggling 3 work reports, a catch up with the girls and a dentist appointment, you still manage to squeeze them in.

You have to think of exercise as person number 2. We are all busy. Whether it’s work or study or being a mum. Everybody feels like they need a few more hours in the day so they can go on that date.
But no matter how busy we are, we always have time for our crush.  
Make exercise your crush.  
 Get up a bit earlier to catch up before work, have lunch dates, and convince the girls to come give their approval. Before you know it you guys might even start seeing each other regularly!
So when you think about exercise, take action immediately, just like replying to a text from that special someone. Pre book a yoga class, put your runners on for a lap of the block or squeeze in a few push ups. The ‘Too tired for exercise’ excuse doesn’t fly either. If your crush calls while you’re watching TV, you’re up off that couch pretty quickly right? I thought so… 

2 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Fitness

  1. Great post, Jade! I agree, I think people who say they don't like exercise just haven't found “the one” yet. Maybe if you hate running you'll love cycling. Or if you hate the gym you might love yoga. Either way, you make time for the one you love 😉


  2. Absolutely Mark! Exercise is meant to be fun and something you can look forward to doing 🙂 Or you can be a tart like me and do a few different kinds. Of exercise that is!!! 😉 haha


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