Game Changers….

What a beautiful life we are living…

 It is said that the more grateful you are, the luckier you feel. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about all the things in my life that I’m grateful for. Lucky for me that I had a long, healthy list of everything that makes my life beautiful.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to everyone who reads and supports my blog. I am constantly surprised by the warm, positive feedback that I get about my little wonderings. People have the kindest things to say and it’s always a pleasant surprise to realise how many people take the time to read my posts. So thank you to those that check in every now and then and take an interest in the things I enjoy and love and especially for all the beautiful feedback. It means so much to me and looking back to my early posts, I can still remember how nervous I was to put myself out there and the excitement of seeing the reader stats grow every month.

Looking back I can also see how my life has begun to evolve and change, and I may be doing that thing called growing up. I knew it had to happen someday and as my lifestyle changes it’s been reflected in my writing.

I haven’t visited my old friend the Barkly for months, my new aerial yoga class took priority over the H&M Australia launch and my last night out at a pub I was ordering plain soda water with lime so it looked like I was having alcohol (I didn’t need the headache or the calories)

Although I still have an interest in fashion and events I must admit that being healthy and getting the most out of life has become more of a priority than which social event to attend and I spend more time in gym shoes drinking green juices than I do in stilettos sipping cocktails. Although lasts night’s event managed to combine both, we checked out the Viper sportswear launch which was held at Eve. It was certainly an interesting presentation and an even more interesting crowd!

Jade’s Life has begun to evolve and rather than start a new blog that focuses on these healthy habits I’ve decided to keep with my original intention of this page which is to write about what I am passionate about and hopefully give others some ideas to try things too. Initially it was about which nightclubs and events to check out and now my head is full of ways to keep motivated and healthy recipes to try. I’ll try to not go too annoying ‘social media fitness chick’ (because our instagram and facebook pages are already full of those) and I promise there won’t be any selfie ab shots but I will be letting you know some stuff that has been working for me, and reviewing and researching some products and fitness ideas. Rather than Baroq and Eve, hiking trails and chia seeds will be getting a few more mentions!

So I hope everybody enjoys the changes and continues to read, I’d love to hear what you think!



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