Find your March mojo…

Well as usual March in Melbourne puts on an impressive show and wears us all out!
Just as you think you’re recovering from the summer parties it’s suddenly Grand Prix time again, followed by Fashion Week!
I must admit that I behaved myself this year and declined most of the after party invitations, a girl does need her beauty sleep after all!
The Autumn will see the trend of patterned pants and tights continuing with more casual cuts on the top half. My favourite buy so far this season is a slouch sweater that is just as appropriate for lunch with the girls as it is for cozy mornings at home or throwing on after a gym workout. I’m also still loving slogan beanies that tell the world you just don’t give a f*$k. Because, let’s face it.. when you’re out in the fresh air, under grey skies it gives you a certain energy that makes you feel bolder, it brings out the secret rebel who makes you  stick your tongue out, flip the bird and jump in puddles and find something strong and wonderful amongst all the greyness.
If you have a bit more trouble finding that inner rebel as the days get darker here are a few tips to help give you an energy boost.
Spice it Up- Start the day with a bit of zest and instead of your usual morning coffee hit (which will bring you crashing down eventually) try squeezing some lemon into warm water. I also like to add some cayenne pepper, which helps to boost your metabolism as well as being great for digestion, detoxing and giving your morning a real kick!

Keep it Fresh- On cold days sometimes all we want to do is curl up with some comforting carbs and hot soup.. but carbs can actually make you feel more lethargic. So if it’s extra energy you’re after then try something fresh and crunchy that will perk you up. An apple or some celery might not be as appealing initially but five minutes after you’ve eaten it you will feel more awake and focused.
Buy it- I am aware that this sounds a bit materialistic but having something new that you love it does help to put an extra spring in your step. If the dark mornings are going to make it harder for you to get to your bootcamp or out for that run then why not treat yourself with some new workout gear that you can’t wait to wear? New clothes are a great motivator, even a new bright scarf can give you that little buzz inside that makes being outside seem not so bad after all!
Stretch it out- That afternoon slump in the office is always made worse when there is no sunshine to perk you up- so make a point of getting up from your desk and going outside for a little walk or if you have the space try doing a few yoga poses to get the blood moving. I found this great article from Huffington Post that has some energizing postures to try.
Do make sure you have enough privacy, I got caught mid pose by a co worker the other day… it was very awkward and hilarious as I tried to explain what I was doing. Now we’ve started a yoga group haha. 
I’ve been having a lot of fun lately, trying out some new recipes, exercises and fun stuff  and was lucky enough to collaborate with the PR team from Women’s Health & Fitness magazine on a project so will bring you more details soon! 

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