All I want for Christmas…


We all know how hard it is to buy for some people so I thought I’d write a few ideas that might help get everyone through this crazy time of year!!
Boyfriend/partner/hubby- this is a tough one, we all know how hard guys are to buy for- vouchers for anything dare devily like sky diving or race car driving seem to go down well. I think they seem to like experiences or stuff they can do rather than jewellery or socks. But truly I have no idea, they are such odd creatures! 
It’s very hard if you haven’t been together long as well, a few weeks in you have no idea if he is worth spending hundreds on yet or what his style is so you can’t buy them clothes. If that’s the case I’d go for a bottle of alcohol, another sure winner! And according to the blog survey I did a few weeks ago, all men really want is a blow job! So anything else is just a bonus 😉 You can never go wrong with buying YOURSELF a gift of some sexy lingerie and then showing it off as his gift… think of the lingerie as the wrapping paper for his real present… haha. 

Best Friends- No matter what age or how long you have been friends you always want to show your besties how much you love them! Of course we all know our besties and their fav clothes, makeup and handbags that we can buy them but to add something that involves a little effort can mean the absolute world to someone! Especially around Christmas time when it’s all about love and getting together, it’s nice to have that personal touch. Some things my friends have done for birthdays and things which was really touching is the sentimental stuff. For my 21st my best friend Cara took photos of the party and put them into a beautiful album of memories! It was such a beautiful thought and it’s one of my most treasured possessions, Natasa also did something similar for my last birthday, she filled a big photo frame with pictures of me and all my best friends taken over the year, it was such a nice gesture and the gifts with thought put in are always the best! 
Parents/grandparents etc- the hardest ones of all to buy for! They already have everything! I think some kind of experience is always nice, tickets to a show or singer, restaurant voucher so they can enjoy a nice meal somewhere. Or even a nicely framed family portrait for them to hang on their wall- mums especially love that stuff. I got my dad a voucher for a golf course so he could have a game, he had fun and it kept him out of my mums hair as well!
Some other things I love for small gifts are glasshouse candles (they smell so yummy) and are great for co workers and people who you don’t know as well. MOR cosmetics also have such a great range of perfumes, body lotions and gift sets. They are great for little gifts or as add on because they are so beautifully packaged. We all want to give gifts that look very luxurious but not necessarily spend a small fortune and the MOR range are very well priced as well. 
Good luck with all the shopping, if you are anything like me then for each present you buy you end up getting just as much for yourself as well! A good start is to go out with a list, really have it in your mind exactly what you want so you don’t end up wasting hours wandering around the shops or end up buying something completely unnecessary, like a clock. (there is a story behind that one)

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