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So I have had a very interesting time putting this post together! 
I thought it would be fun to do a bit of an anonymous questionnaire to find out what men and women REALLY want to know about each other and what their answers are!
Have you ever wondered why women take so long to get ready?
Or what men really look for in a woman?
Well I asked a varied group of men and women to submit questions for the opposite sex, things they had always wondered but never had the chance or been too embarrassed to ask and then to answer the questions that the opposite sex had for them!
To start with I have the things that men were curious to know about us lovely ladies…  and all of the girls very honest answers! 
The questions and answers are in no particular order, some answers I have summarised the general answers or approximate percentages and others I have put the most common answer or two forward
Do you find beards/facial hair attractive? 
Most girls thought a little bit scruffy and rugged is sexy, but no one admitted to loving full beards! 
Whats the best thing a guy can do in the bedroom? (talk, be dominant, do what you say etc)
A little bit of dirty talk
Confidence and taking control
If a girl could choose one of the two, would she prefer to be seen by guys as sexy, or beautiful?
80% Beautiful 20% sexy
Does a girl prefer a guy who is a better listener or a better lover?
75% Lover 15% Listener
I once read that a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men? True or false?
15% True 75% False (several of the girls also mentioned a fondness for tradie attire) 
What’s more important to a woman, that she has an orgasm, or the man, and why?
Getting pleasure is always great, but I get satisfaction from a guy getting off, you know you’ve done a good job and it’s a very satisfying feeling 
if the girl cant make the man reach that they feel inadequate
Have you ever fantasised about another woman? Have you ever actually acted upon this fantasy? 
Almost all of the girls had fantasised about another woman but only about half had acted on it…
Do you find your sex life usually gets better or worse the longer you’re in a relationship?
I think it’s always a little more exciting at the start 
It doesn’t get worse, just different and has a different meaning. 
The person learns how to pleasure you and you fall into a good routine
How often do you ladies judge us on our shoes? Should I be leaving my volleys at home on a Friday or Saturday night hahaha?
This one was about half of the girls caring about shoes and half saying that they never look. However crocs got several mention as definite no’s!  
Do women masturbate more frequently than they let on? Or is it too much of a secret to tell?
Every girl asked this had the same answer. YES. But its still a secret…. 
Career/education vs lady of leisure? How important is it to make your own success over being a kept woman?
These days its very important to be your own person, however it’s nice to feel spoilt and a bit taken care of at the same time. 
In a females opinion, are Brazilians more for her or for him? 
90% for her 10% for him
How do you feel about body hair on men? chest hair? yes or no?, pubic hair baby shaved or neatly trimmed?
Chest hair is ok, pubic neatly trimmed. Baby shaved is a little too far
Man hair should be confined to the chest, head, scruff on the face, arms and legs and neatly trimmed down there. Nothing worse than a face full of pubes when you’re doing some oral exercise, baby shaved is just a bit scary.
What’s the best thing a guy can do to lift your spirits if you’re having a bad day?
The majority of answers to this one were just to make a girl smile, laugh, give a good cuddle and to be a good listener. Wine and flowers also help 🙂
Would you prefer to look perfect and die alone without being married, or look average and have the best husband you could dream of?
Every girl said they would rather look average and have the best husband they could dream of.
So sweet!
Would you cheat on your husband, if he wouldn’t find out, for $50,000?
No 100%
Are women incapable of judging how good they look in an outfit, or is there an agenda behind the “Does this make me look fat?” question?
Hahaha depends on how well you know the girl but to be safe, if they do look fat just say “no not fat but its not ur best outfit, maybe try (insert item here) instead”
If you were a guy for 24 hours, plan your day..
Get up, shower, masturbate, drink beer, go do burnouts, shave, masturbate, drink beer, watch porn (with friends) go find a random to shag, keep my hands down my pants on my package for a whole tv program, eat some junk food, have a nap, repeat until 24 hours is over
Sex and masturbation would have to be top of the list, not going to hide that one. 
Rank the following about a guy in order most to least important – money… intelligence… facial good looks… good body… humour… fame
humour, facial good looks and intelligence were always the top 3, followed by good body, money and fame came in last every time. 
Well I hope you enjoyed reading the questions and answers! I thought the funniest bit was that all the girls who were asked would spend their day as a man using or playing with their penis! Haha!
Thanks so much to all the guys and girls who helped out; your honestly and time are very much appreciated! All of the questions AND the answers were so fantastic that it was hard to know which ones to choose  ut I tried to keep it as varied as I could! 
I’ll sort through the girls questions and put together the guys answers soon! 

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